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QAC Gallery and Gift Shop, 36 Bridge Street East, downtown Belleville, Ontario
Fall 2017 SHOW: Runs September 14 to November 24, 2017

Opening reception at the QAC Gallery & Gift Shop
Thursday, September 14, from 4 to 6 pm


Peter Davis, Flashers
Peter Davis, Flashers. Oil on canvas, 40″ square, 56″ wide on the diagonal

Mid-Century Op Art, a study in after-image, at the QAC

The fall line-up of artists involved in the Art in the Community program has been organized in celebration of Quinte Arts Council’s 50th anniversary. In the QAC Gallery & Gift Shop is a special exhibit, Flashers by Peter Davis. (Please note, each piece is a diagonal, 56″ wide.)

Peter states that, “In the late 1950s and early 1960s, visual art took a distinctively sharp turn. It became flat, in some cases very flat. In New York, galleries were showing the work of Kenneth Noland, Frank Stella and Barnett Newman, famous in Canada for his painting Voice of Fire, which caused a storm of controversy when it was purchased by the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa, for $1.76 million (its current value is estimated to be in excess of $40 million).

“Colour was king. Colour became the subject matter of the work. Colour was the object. One of the things that made these works so exciting to look at was that colours were presented in such a way that a phenomenon that occurs in our eyes called ‘simultaneous contract,’ or in simpler terms, ‘after image,’ becomes a prominent feature of the viewing experience. Simply put, when the eye sees red, the brain stimulates its complementary colour, which is green, and the green is optically mixed with the red, or any other colour in the painting, to create some very interesting results. The effect is the same with all the colours we see, all the time. This effect also occurs between black and white. Op Art, as it later became known, was born.

“I had just returned from art college in London, England at that time. I became interested in this new expression of colour, and decided to explore its possibilities. The paintings hanging in the Quinte Arts Council’s Art in the Community Gallery represent some of my first ventures into the new flat art. The results for me were astonishing, as colours that were not on the canvas flashed before my eyes – the longer one looks at the painting, the more pronounced the effect becomes. I hope you will visit the QAC and see the Flashers for yourself.”

Peter will also be showing oil paintings from his 2014 show, On The River, An Artist’s Perspective.

The Forty Acres from Aubrey Island, oil on canvas, 20″ x 20″, by Peter Davis

The Belleville Art Association is producing its 50th annual juried show with a special exhibit, as part of the QAC’s Fall AITC, at the John M. Parrott Gallery in October. Select pieces from this exhibit will be moved to Dinkel’s Restaurant & Courtyard and will be displayed there from November to January.

There will be an opening reception at the QAC Gallery & Gift Shop at 36 Bridge Street East in Belleville on Thursday, September 14, from 4 to 6 pm, and all are welcome. Refreshments will be served.

Peter Davis


In the Gift Shop are wood carvings and turnings by Gary Matthews, Kimball Scales and Paul Steels; glass art by Zak Sieben, Linda Conway, Lynda Pauk and Lalaland; scarves by Carley Hansen; sculptures by Jim Christy, Michael Rutland and Paul E. Shier; pottery by Niki Mitz, Bailey-Brown and Perry Poupore; fibre art by Anne Buckley and Lee Ann Garrett; cards, prints, candles, soaps, CDs, DVDs, and a large selection of books by local authors. New items are added regularly.

Art in the Community is supported by the John M. and Bernice Parrott Foundation.
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