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Umbrella Online: Belleville Lions Club Concerts on the Bay

June 25, 2019 — Ready for their 25th season! By Doug Thompson It all started on Sunday, June 9, 2019, 6:30 pm at the Lions Pavilion in Zwick’s Park. Peter Rae and the REASONS, classic rock band, kicked off the first of a 22 concerts schedule. Then, on the following Wednesday, Matt Cage and Derek Morris performed their tribute to…
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QAC News: Janet Jarrell appointed Executive Director

April 11, 2019 — By QAC Stafff After six months serving as general manager for the Quinte Arts Council, Janet Jarrell is now taking on the role of executive director. With previous experience as the volunteer coordinator and a brief time serving on the board, Janet hit the ground running last September, and the momentum hasn’t stopped. “As chair…
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Cultivating Creativity: Judy Bridle’s two decades with the Belleville Theatre Guild

April 4, 2019 — By Peter Paylor “It kind of becomes your family,” she says. “All my family lives out of town so the Guild becomes my in-town family. I’ve made some of the best friends of my life in the theatre.” If you’ve been to the Pinnacle Playhouse, you’ll have seen the wonderful photos lining the “Green Room”…
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Cultivating Creativity: The joy of movement for people with Parkinson’s

March 28, 2019 — by Jane Gardner Belleville-based dance teacher Kristina McIntosh is using creative movement and dance to make a difference in the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease. “The wonderful group of people who come to Dancing with Parkinson’s classes at Quinte Ballet School in Belleville connect me to Belleville’s rich history and stories,” says McIntosh. “They’re…
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Cultivating Creativity: Facilitating spirituality through music

March 15, 2019 — “I also believe that there is a spirituality to music that is undeniable. Both by singing and also by playing an instrument.  I guess you could say I facilitate spirituality through music.” By Jeanette Arsenault My big dilemma: how to write about Joe Callahan – who he is and what he does – in only…
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