It was 50 years ago this year that the Quinte Arts Council was formed. To celebrate this important anniversary, The Quinte Arts Council and Shaer Productions (Bellevegas, The Dan Shaer Big Band, Variety and The Power Connection) are joining forces to produce the world premiere of an exciting new musical – The Summer of ’67 – written by Wendy Shaer and directed by Kim Dafoe, with Dan Shaer as Musical Director. The production team are still interviewing for a Choreographer and Stage Manager.

The Summer of ’67 will be on stage at The Maranatha in Belleville on May 26 and 27 (three shows) and June 2 and 3 (three shows).

The year was 1967.  It was an era that had awakened to the dawn of a new time, a new generation of free thinkers, anti-establishment, and promoters of political and social change. The Summer of ’67 tells the story of a girl, Georgie, who is 18 and strives to find her place in the world, as far away from her parents’ generation as she can get. This leads her on a journey beginning in Yorkville (Toronto) then to Greenwich Village (New York), and finally to Haight-Ashbury (San Francisco).

The “Summer of Love” 1967, became the defining moment of the 1960’s. With the hot music from this era, The Summer of ’67 musical features a live band and cast, and incorporates multi-media and special effects to take you back to the hippie movement, a melting pot of music, freedom, and creative expression.

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Tickets are $20 each or $15 for QAC members and can be purchased in the QAC Gallery and Gift Shop, 36 Bridge St. East, Belleville, or online or by calling 613-962-1232.  Stay tuned for more details.

Casting and Audition Information

Georgie She is an 18-year-old girl anxious to spread her wings.  She is frustrated with her family, especially her parents. They don’t understand her need to make a difference in the world.

Jean – Georgie’s mother. A woman of the forties. A homemaker, mother and wife.  She was a singer in the big band entertaining the troupes during WWII. She still sings in a band, but her number one focus is her family.

Joe – Georgie’s father. Was a musician in a big band entertaining the troupes during WWII. He still plays in a band.  He is old fashioned and a traditionalist.

Marion – Georgie’s Godmother. She is a women’s activist.

Danny – Handsome musician 20 to 24 years of age. Becomes Georgie’s love interest.

Windsong – Mysterious Mother Earth type of character. Not sure exactly who she is or where she comes from.

Sarah – Georgie’s oldest sister.

Kelly – Georgie’s friend. A party girl, likes to be where the action is.

Chris – Danny’s friend and band member. Quiet.

Movers & Shakers (4 – 2 men, 2 women) They are the singing group that keep the scenes moving and join in each scene as back up singers and observers.

Dancers  (4 to 6)

Chorus A (Young) Protesters, patrons of the cafes, church choir, Hippies.

Chorus B (Older)

Protesters, patrons of the cafes, Police Officers, church choir.

Chorus Solo Parts

Joni – Joni Mitchell-type person to sing Both Sides Now.

David – mid 20’s to 30’s protest leader, sings For What it’s Worth.

Grace – Grace Slick (Red Queen)–type person to sing White Rabbit and Somebody to Love.

Reverend – At the Church, sings All You Need Is Love.

Chorus Features (non singing/non speaking)

Old couple at the seniors home (2)

Vendor at the Hippie Shop

Vendor at the Flower Shop

Man in white