Andrew Csafordi

Andrew Csafordi was born in Bowmanville in 1955 and lived in the country till the age of nine then raised in Oshawa, Ontario. At age 19, he moved to Toronto to attend OCA (Ontario College of Art).

His strict Hungarian parents did not always see art as being something to devote one’s life to, but at a very early age, Andrew was drawing and painting and showed great promise as an young artist. “My father finally saw that the passion of art was inside me and it had to come out. With reluctance they supported me, not that they had much choice in the matter, I was drawing on everything from the driveway to inside of the closet and on every bit of paper that was around the house.”

“My father showed me how to build, how to make things, and fix things. To him art was frivolous,
but I think in his won way he too was an artist, he just didn’t realize it. My mother saw that art was my way of living, as being a pastry chef was to her. Together we would create.”

A graduate of the Ontario College of Art in 1979, Andrew majored in drawing & painting, communication and design. He has continued to consistently paint, sculpt and exhibit his art
throughout his 30-year career as a designer, illustrator and creative director of his own graphic design studio. Andrew has created paintings and sculptures for both his corporate and personal clients.

“Good design has always been part of the way I see art and create art.” Many of the same principals apply to both fine art and graphic design: balance, composition, contrast, etc. They all play a role. Today, when I work in my signature sculptural painting style, my experience as a designer comes into “play” with every new creation.”

For the past ten years, Andrew has devoted himself to encaustic painting. While at OCA, he was influenced by many fine Canadian artists such as Hugh Mackenzie, Graham Coughtry, A.J. Casson of the Group of Seven, Paul Young, Nobuo (Kobby) Kubota and Keith Rushton just to name a few. Their impact remains today.

Each and every instructor at OCA was a master, one can not help but discover how art is part of us all. Each instructor taught with passion, some would swear at you because they cared others would nurture, details that wait to be revealed. They all cared, they all gave of their talents.

Back in 1975 when I was at OCA, A.J. Casson was quite old, in his 80′s, he still knew his stuff, and a very kind man. If you called ahead you could still drop into his studio. We would see him in the halls, everyone had great respect for him, Mr. Casson had respect for us as young artists, that was cool! A.J. Casson (Alfred Joseph Casson) May 17, 1898 – February 20, 1992

“The full impact of art in my life all started to come together for me in High School, grade nine. There, my art teacher was an gentle, understanding, talented man Harold MacNamara who made art seem magical, drawings would flow out of his pencil. His drawing was like music. Anything was possible, he showed us all, that we were all artist inside, the ability to draw or paint had nothing to do with it. It was what was inside that mattered. For me even scribbling was fun and lead to ideas and pictures. If you can scribble you can create art.”

Andrew has exhibited his encaustic sculptural paintings in several venues, and his work is featured in numerous private and corporate collections. Andrew resides and creates on his small farm in beautiful Prince Edward County (Bloomfield, Ontario), with his wife, artist Tara Wilkinson, and their daughter, where they each have their creative spaces, and the space to be creative.

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