Dorothy Brown

Dorothy’s childhood was spent in a small community in North Hastings, a picturesque area which, at various times, attracted at least three different members of the Group of Seven. Both her mother and sister, along with some other relatives, were talented artists so being an artist was something she just took for granted. It was her family’s belief that Sunday should be spent in quiet pursuits so Dorothy and her sister frequently spent Sunday afternoons drawing or painting. Because the school she attended offered no extra-curricular activities and had a fixed curriculum, she often alleviated her boredom at school by decorating her Latin or Ancient History books with drawings of her teachers and classmates.
When Dorothy was in her early teens, the publishers of her Sunday School paper, the Canadian Girl, held monthly competitions in art and literature, and Dorothy took pride in seeing many of her pictures and short stories published as prize winners or honorable mentions.
When she relocated to a larger center to continue her education and launch a career, she found there were endless opportunities to expand her artistic horizons and she began taking advantage of every opportunity to learn from professional artists and teachers. Through the many different phases of her life, Dorothy continued to pursue more artistic knowledge and skill; however, she never aspired to having a career in art because she felt that doing so would require that she paint to please others rather than herself.
She attended classes and experimented in various media such as oils, sculpture, etching, monoprint, acrylics, watercolours, and pastels but eventually decided to concentrate on just oils and pastels.
Dorothy says that her life has been richer because art has been a big part of her life and also because of the many wonderful friends she has made through her art activities.

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