Jy Chiperzak

Jy Chiperzak:

From my first box camera, age 10, the camera has been a part of my life. Evolving from a traditional documentary form my images are taking on a more abstract edge… my eyes, my camera in a dervish dance, the dance of life.

My images are an experiment in the peripheral, “captures” in movement, colour… emotive, off times moody. When the soul dances, gravity ebbs, colours gyre. I endeavour to capture moods, poses or places that evoke a visceral contact with the subject, going beyond the individual/place being portrayed; the emotive presence of a locale or body in place and time.

I hope to tax people’s ideas of photography and of their vision of the world around them. It’s a “seeing” of the periphery in our fast paced world… flashes of colour and form… the unnoticed, out of focus from our every day.

For many years the camera was a documentary tool used in context with other creative pursuits: Now the camera is my paint brush.


Education: Queen’s University: Degree in Biology & Math
Diploma, London School of Film Technology, England

Filmmaker: From the underground feature film “Montreal Main” to freelance producing/directing for the National Film Board and CBC Nature of Things.

Writer: Books, magazine articles, Image books, conservation manuals for rare breeds conservation.

Farmer & founder of Rare Breeds Canada, an organization for the conservation of livestock genetic resources.

Artist: The shift from the still & film camera as a documentary tool to an expressionist tool.

Exhibitions: Shows in Kingston, Belleville, (Artisan Gallery, Core Gallery, QAC Gallery, Parrot Gallery) Prince Edward County, (previously represented by Covent Garden Gallery). Participation in shows in Toronto (Contact) and Crimson Feather Gallery, Alton Mills
Jy Chiperzak, 157 Hoskin Rd., Plainfield, ON, K0K 2V0
613-477-3152 email: jybones@outlook.com


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Hoskin Rd,
Plainfield, ON K0K2V0

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