Niki Mitz

My artistic life began with oil painting. Over the years I have tried many other media: acrylics, pastels, wood carving, and clay. I have settled on a combination of oils and acrylics. I love the silky texture of oils and the way they can be blended right on the canvas. I love the practicality of acrylics. There is a lot to be said for a medium that dries quickly, especially when painting elsewhere. A wet oil painting is a hazard to everything around it. Currently I use both oils and acrylics. I use acrylics for the under-painting, and when painting away from home. I use a combination of brushes and palette knife.
I have lived on three continents, and my life and art has been influenced by each. Like our Dutch ancestors the women in my family have always grown flowers. Tulips make my knees wobble; orchids make me swoon; my lilies have names. Flowers are wondrously beautiful; they must be painted. Nine years in tropical Africa have made me see life in vivid colour. No shy snowdrops there. Life bursts forth in boldness and brilliance. The landscapes of the north have influenced me as well. Rock formations, their interesting shapes and patterns, offer a constant invitation.
Still life and flowers were my first subjects. Landscapes followed. An impressionistic interpretation began to overtake realism. Recently, I have succumbed to the siren call of abstraction.
My first art class was at the Dundas Valley School of Arts. Mohawk College, Sheridan College and the Haliburton School of Fine Arts followed. Loyalist College has been the most important, and I have been inspired by a variety of courses in various media.
Currently I am a member of Prince Edward County Art Association, Quinte Arts Council, Belleville Art Association, and the East Central Ontario Art Association.

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356 Cressy Bayside Road,
Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0
613-476-1828 613-476-1828
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