Paul Shier

From new worlds to buried emotions, an artist can take a viewer on a journey they may never have known if not for the creative expressions brought forth by an artist. Due to the exceptional beauty given to us by Mother Nature, I prefer to use wood and stone left natural. The only real limit is the artist’s imagination. Because of my love of the outdoors and watching its canvas change all around me each fleeting moment, in turn expands my creative abilities. From long walks through the wilderness with camera in hand, to a brush dancing on canvas, to a hammer and chisel gracing marble, I enjoy all types of artistic expression.


Paul Shier is a world-renowned artist residing in a rural setting near Tweed, Ontario. He was born into an artistic family and introduced to the love of nature at a very young age. He enjoys working in many types of art media, however he favours sculpting in a variety of stone. His ability to bring sculpture to life is remarkable as attested by his clientele.

He is known in the eyes of the media as “The Caring Carver” because of his undying generosity to causes such as 9/11 for which he created “Thundering Silence” for the people of New York City; “The Challenge” to help stop child poverty; “Queen’s Own Rifles” in honour of our veterans of WWII; and most recently, “The Guardian” in honour of our soldiers in Afghanistan.

“My sculptures are all one-of-a-kind pieces of art designed and carved by myself. I have carved many different subjects from scenery to animals, human and objects. I will carve anything in any size imaginable in almost any material but prefer using stone. I do commissions as long as you are in no hurry; some clients have waited patiently for a couple of years. Every piece of stone, wood or canvas has something waiting to be released into the world.


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