Umbrella Cover Art Contest Winners

The QAC hosted a Cover Art Contest for the Summer 2020 issue of Umbrella inviting applicants to submit images that reflected their experience during this time of social distancing and widespread lockdowns. The winning entry by Larry Tayler ( titled “Concrete Head Farley Avenue” is on our cover.

WINNER: “Concrete Head Farley Avenue” : May 7, 2020

He writes: “I photographed this sculpture on May 7, 2020, when life was still very isolated in Belleville. The sculpture lives in the front garden of a house on Farley Avenue. Part of my coping strategy during isolation has been to take our Basset Hound, Edna, for long walks in our east end neighbourhood… This photo is richly ambiguous and more than a little creepy. There are no resolved narratives. It raises questions but doesn’t answer them, which is why I thought it would make a visually arresting magazine cover.”

He adds: “To some extent, all art is “art in isolation” — at least art created by individual artists… Isolation has not been a punishment for me. It has allowed me to be fully immersed in my art. There is a very real part of me that will miss that indulgent isolation.”

In response to publishing the winner of the cover contest, we heard from Jason Rees, owner of the concrete head. He writes: “ This bust was created by my wife Michele Seraphim Rees when we were in makeup school in Toronto in 2000. I was covered in silicone and wrapped in plaster bandage. When dry, the silicone negative was filled with cement. This technique is used in Hollywood to sculpt upon to create special makeup effect appliances that will be glued to fit an actor’s face perfectly. We’ve been lugging this thing around for 20 years, putting it in various gardens we’ve owned. The weather has aged it nicely [and] we are pleased to see it used like this!”


Sarah Winn:

PUBLISHED SUMMER 2020: “Yes there is light at the end of the tunnel”

“I chose this image to represent the feeling of being closed in with our stay at home orders. The extreme colour palette represents the wide variety of emotions that we are feeling at this time. The bright colour represents the light at end of this situation– we will all get there eventually.”

Stewart Hood:

PUBLISHED SUMMER 2020: San Gimignano, Italy. Pre-COVID 19

“The isolation gave me an opportunity to try and paint for the first time a large (21” x 29”) watercolour. I chose a pic from photo reference I had from a trip to Italy a few years ago of San Gimignano which is a very interesting historic town with a dozen ‘medieval skyscrapers.’”

Eric Todd Price:

Art is a complex relationship between emotion and colour. As an artist, Eric Todd Price believes that art should be freely interpreted, and that each  piece should be able to defend itself. Eric strives to find emotion through his own interpretation of life. Beauty can be found in everything.

Eric Todd Price is a new resident in Belleville. He has used his experience in the United States, South Korea, and other areas of the world for his inspiration. Having lived in South Korea with his loving wife, he is hoping to settle and to set roots in this area.

PUBLISHED SUMMER 2020: “Social bubble”

As everyone stays home to create distancing, we create our social bubbles. Some band together to create and find peace within isolation.


“Coming Storm”

This piece represents the unknown storm that has come across the world. People are lost and trying to find protection from the environment.

“Do not walk!”

Society is getting impatient. People remain anxious, but they patiently wait to move. Some carry flowers as they see hope within our community.

Sabrina Jovic:




While the winner and runners up were published in the Summer issue of Umbrella, we want to thanks and celebrate everyone who submitted to our first Cover Contest, sharing their experiences during this strange and unique time in history.

Visit their work here.