Cultivating Creativity: Local artists’ works range in spectrum

Running until Sept. 7th Glenda Jackson, guest artist: “My personal journey as an artist aligns with my personal journey as a human being. I was ‘there’ then I am ‘here’ now I am curious and open to ‘where I shall be tomorrow.’ With my paintings, I create what has not been created before. I give thanks to my hand and my heart who are my trusted assistants. Namaste”

The extraordinary events of guest artist Maria Moreno’s life have had a profound influence on her work as an artist. Her compelling works of are bold in design, complex in simplicity, and visceral in narrative; executed with audacity and courage. Working mainly in acrylics, her paintings are rich with texture, palpable gestural markings, and colour choices of remarkable sensitivities. The passion with which Maria paints is evident in every brushstroke and every mark on the exceptional paintings of which she, and her Muse, are authors.

Autumn Exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Bancroft

September 4th – September 28th, Kimberly Tucker will be exhibiting assemblages that combine felted wool and discarded household objects in an exhibition entitled “Inheritance.”

Kimberly lives and makes her art on the Canadian Shield in the small village of Apsley, Ontario. Her daily interaction with the natural world is part of what informs her work, often finding inspiration by observing her surroundings as she walks in the woods with her dogs. It may be something as small as the mound of green moss she has stepped on in passing and taking a moment to watch as it recovers from her footprint. Tucker is charmed by both the smallest intricacies and the manner in which they are interwoven to create the whole.

“My current work is an ongoing investigation of wool, a renewable resource juxtaposed with the permanence of man-made materials. By combining elements such as felted wool, porcelain and discarded objects, I create assemblages to explore the excesses of consumerism, accumulation of waste and the role cultural debris plays as an inherent part of the environment. My sculptures present an alternate reality of observations made while hiking in woodlands where I encounter discarded objects with a permanent presence in the environment.”

The show is co-sponsored by The Old Hastings Mercantile & Gallery, and Freddie Towe and the opening reception will be on Friday, September 6 at 7:30pm