Arts and Culture Election Survey

Voting Day is coming up and we want to share the results of our 2018 Municipal arts and Culture Election Survey of candidates for mayor and council in Belleville, Quinte West, Prince Edward County, and Tweed. The survey was distributed to all candidates and responses recorded in the Infographic below.

This information is not intended to endorse any given candidate and the Arts Councils in the region look forward to working with whomever is elected.

Candidates responded with their own opinions and self-assessed their positions on arts and culture funding as a driver of economic growth and community well-being. The percentages below represent their self-assessment.

The Arts and Culture Municipal Survey is a joint project of The Quinte Arts Council, Arts Quinte West, Prince Edward County Arts Council, and Tweed and Area Arts Council.


Please Note: We have been informed that Mike Harper, who is running in Ward 3- Wellington in Prince Edward County did not receive the survey due to a typo on our end when inputting email addresses. The email addresses used to administer the survey were taken from the Official List of Candidates issued by the Clerk in each municipality. Due to our error, Mr. Harper will be given a chance to respond and his responses will be posted here as soon as possible.   

**Mike responded and here are his answers. They have also been included now in the infographic above.

Q1: Name- Mike Harper

Candidate in: Prince Edward County

Ward 3- Wellington

Q2: Yes

Q3: Yes

Q4: Yes

Q5: Unsure

Q5: 80

Comments: I answered unsure to Q.5 because I’d like an opportunity to examine how we currently do it, to assess the objectives, tactics, and
execution of the marketing program. In other words, is what’s currently being done both efficient and effective? As proof of my
commitment, I am also happy to offer my work experience in market research and strategic planning to make sure the arts and culture
community is leveraging its current budget to drive awareness, consumer interest, and ultimately get the visitor to spend money.


View all the RAW DATA results from our survey which include comment responses from each candidate!

Complete Survey responses