Ilse Nel-Landers

Ilse Nel-Landers

Ilse Nel-Landers is a talented abstract painter with a great use of colour and texture.

Ilse Nel-Landers paints expressive abstracts and semi-abstracts which are created intuitively using layers and layers of acrylic paint and a variety of mark making tools.

“When I paint, I am transported into another world. I lose all track of time. I am absorbed in the process, allowing the painting to take over and become what it wants to become. I often work on several paintings at a time so that I can approach each one several times with fresh eyes and see what I didn’t see before.”

Her studio is in Belleville, Ontario, and she is a member of Gallery 121 and the Belleville Art Association where her work is exhibited on a regular basis.

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At Last
Like Magic
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