Jennifer Iacono Visual Artist

Jennifer Iacono Visual Artist

Jennnifer Iacono, Stirling/Belleville visual artist specializing in acrylics and sculpting.

Jennifer Iacono is a visual artist new to the Stirling/Belleville area. She has been exploring the world of art in one form or another for most of her 53 years.

Much of Jennifer’s work stems from her personal battle with mental illness. Her works reflect the roller coaster of euphoria and depression of bipolar disorder, the gripping fears of anxiety, the broken record that is OCD, the numbness of exhaustion. In one state, the others are simply beyond comprehension.

Jennifer endeavors to shine a light on the challenges of those struggling with mental illness, both those battles within one’s own mind, and those of dealing with the outside world.

Though most of her current work is in acrylics, Jennifer has also tried her hand at sculpting, sketching, cartooning, carving, wood burning, photography and digital art.

Among her other artistic pursuits, Jennifer has taken part in vocal and instrumental music, acting, writing, many crafts and currently makes jewelry in her free time.

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