Marie Timbers

The creative life has its ups and downs, victories and disappointments along the way. But for whatever reason I am drawn back in as if it’s an addiction. I can go months without creating anything – then see an image or an art medium I am intrigued by. And that can be all it takes to once again become immersed in the process. I would certainly say it is the process of making art that stimulates me the most, not necessarily the end result.  There is a real physicality to making art that appeals to me. The handling of the brush and paint – for sure some brushes feel ‘right’ and others do not. Colours I go back to again and again – like Naples Yellow – ahh butter! Collage is a process that really intrigues me. I love the tactile nature of it – the handling of various papers and materials, found and repurposed objects. Breaking the rules is the norm along with the element of surprise.

As artists we talk about our muse or inspiration – but what is that? For me it is a very personal thing – something that connects me to a deeper place in myself.  What triggers this journey changes over time, just as I change. But the essence of it remains constant. It has the power to speak to me and lead me down paths I would never tread otherwise. It is something I have to trust completely.