Minutes from the QAC’s 48th Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5:30 p.m.


Attendees: Elijah Alatishe, Dan Atkinson, Kristi Battren, Carol Bauer, Gerry Boyce, Duncan Cooper, Anne Cunningham, Diane Dallard, Carol Feeney, Brigitte Frances, Richard Haeberlin, Susan Holland, Suzanne Hussey, Dona Knudsen, Debbie Konyn, Robert Kranendonk, Kim Lidstone, Suzanne Lowther, Don MacKay, Evva Massey, Judith McKnight, Gary Mcleod, Marvis Milton, Mary-Lynne Morgan, Lisa Morris, Pam Murray, Michael Norris, Donna O’Neil, Hugh O’Neil, Peter Paylor, Marlene Phillips, Jack Press, Trevor Pross, Michael Rutland, Elaine Small, Katrina Sorge, Helen Steinberg, Robert Tokley, Debra Tosh, David Tosh, David Vanderlip, Amanda Williams, Jenny Woods,

  1. Welcome from the Chair – Dan Atkinson called the meeting to order at 5:46 p.m., welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending. He then gave a brief outline of the past year and reminded everyone that the process of change within the organization continues. It was a good year with a $61.000 turn around into a small surplus and congratulated everyone responsible. The goal for the year was to stabilize finances and it is hoped that the successes will continue. He informed the attendees that 3 events were done in lieu of a Gala and the QAC is grateful to our sponsors and our supporters. He thanked the staff and everyone for their support during his tenure as Chair.
  1. Approval of the Agenda – Motion to approve the agenda by Mary-Lynne Morgan, seconded by Robert Kranendonk. Motion carried.
  1. Approval of the Minutes of the AGM held June 10, 2014 – Motion to approve by Trevor Pross, seconded by Jenny Woods. Motion carried.
  1. Elections to the Board of Directors – There were two new candidates to the Board of Directors; Gary Mcleod, acting Secretary of the Board, and Suzanne Hussey. Dan gave a brief biography of each of the candidates. Anne Cunningham moved that the candidates be elected to the Board. Robert Kranendonk seconded. Motion carried.
  1. Annual Report – A written Annual report was submitted. Carol Feeney highlighted the Cultural Summit coming October 7, 2015; Jenny Woods moved to accept and approve the Report. Suzanne Hussey seconded. Motion carried.
  1. Treasurer’s Report: Jenny Woods presented and reviewed the financial statements that had been audited by Wilkinson & Company. Jenny highlighted portions of the financial statements, particularly those involving Total Revenue and Expenses. She thanked Kim Lidstone for all her hard work and assistance. Dan Atkinson moved to accept the Report. Robert Kranendonk seconded. Motion carried.
  1. Approval of Accountancy: Jenny Woods asked for a motion that Wilkinson & Company be engaged to undertake the audit for 2014. Motion made by Gary Mcleod, seconded by Mary-Lynne Mogan. Motion carried.
  1. Approval of Actions of the Board of Directors: Carol Feeney asked for a motion from the membership to approve the actions of the Board of Directors which was made by Trevor Pross, seconded by Mary-Lynne. Motion carried.
  1. New Business and Business from the Floor: Carol Feeney asked if there was any new business that the members wished to discuss. Topics discussed included congratulations from Peter Paylor for lowering the cost to sell art, praise for Umbrella from Mary-Lynne Morgan, reminder of the Arts in Education program from Hugh O’Neil which gives bursaries for school workshops, mention of the Art and Design Foundation at Loyalist College by Robert Kranendonk, the mention of new artists (next generation) by Mary-Lynne Morgan, mention of the Parrot Gallery’s Student Art shows by Trevor Pross, and mention of the Stirling Theatre’s young company by Dave Vanderlip. During the discussion of Arts in Education Dona Knudsen made mention of how much help the teachers need when teaching the Arts curriculum, much of which they are not versed in.
  1. Adjournment: Dan Atkinson asked for a motion to adjourn which was made by David Vanderlip and the meeting ended at 7:00 p.m.
Meet the QAC's Board of Directors, as of June 16 at the Annual General Meeting. Left to right: Gary Mcleod, Suzanne Hussey, Jenny Woods, Robert Kranendonk, Anne Cunningham and Dan Atkinson. (Missing is Jeanette Arsenault)
Meet the QAC’s Board of Directors, as of June 16 at the Annual General Meeting. Left to right: Gary Mcleod, Suzanne Hussey, Jenny Woods, Robert Kranendonk, Anne Cunningham and Dan Atkinson. (Missing is Jeanette Arsenault)