Donna Carr

Scratchboard Etching, Pen & Ink, Acrylics, Calligraphy
Born in Belleville, Ontario, Donna’s fascination with pen & ink can be attributed to her Great Aunt, whose art portfolio, including her quill pens, were willed to her to experiment with and stimulate the creativity that was evident at an early age.
Her interest with her own children’s and grandchildren’s expression guided her to begin teaching calligraphy and basic drawing classes for children.
Donna considers herself an eclectic artist whose inspiration comes from within. She has worked in several different mediums, including pen & ink, acrylics, molding paste and etching.
In early 2000, she became fascinated with the concept of etching in India ink which allows her to work with the fine detail that she enjoys so much, in the familiar texture of black and white, adding color for highlights. Her passion for this is expressed through her artistic expression of wildlife.
Currently Donna is facilitating with Milkweed Collective of Prince Edward County and Toronto: Exploring Creativity through Imagination in Depth and teaching private art lesson from her home in Belleville.
Donna welcomes you to view her website at or you can email her directly at or 613-968-9613, 613-848-0530
Perspective of Art………Art is a very personal thing: What one person loves might leave another cold, but, a person’s opinion of a work of art is not what makes the piece good or bad art. Ultimately a work of art is successful if the viewer reacts to it and responds, whether the response is rejection, intolerant or adulation, if a work of art or an object in the exhibition makes you stop and ask ”What is that?” or prompts a reaction in your body or mind then I have achieved my mission! Be inspired……..

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613-968-9613 613-968-9613
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