Glamour Junkie Jewellery

Connie Yrjola has always been inspired by art and fashion. It all began when, as a little girl, Connie was fascinated by the variety of jewellery her aunt had in her jewellery box. It was mesmerizing; taunting her to try it on whenever she came to visit. This sparked Connie’s creativity and, in Grade 6, she began her first collection of colourful flower rings twisted from telephone wire. Throughout the years, Connie continued to fuel her artistic passion, taking a variety of visual arts courses but always found herself lured back to jewellery and accessories, showcasing her creations at artisan shows and boutiques to rave reviews. After a great career in the marketing communications industry, that spark ultimately led Connie to where she is now — designing jewellery and fashion accessories, “styled with a twist!” — and, in 2004, Glamour Junkie was officially founded. Connie combines her keen sense of style, with current fashion and jewellery trends, to create her designs. Blending art with fashion, Connie created “The Original Ribbon Scarf” as an alternative to traditional jewellery. Using beautiful fibres and gorgeous, eye-popping colour combinations, ribbon scarves hold their own as an enticing accessory and an original work of art. A true craftsman, Connie’s attention to detail can be seen in each piece she perfects with her own hands. Visit or like Glamour Junkie on facebook at