James Reid

James has been a hack musician since he was a teenager (whenever that was). Nurtured in childhood on the music of classical composers, he was led astray at a tender age by 60’s folk, blues, and rock and roll.

Playing guitar and baritone, with occasional journeys into the land of tenor banjo, James draws on songs and material from across the musical spectrum – folk, blues/roots, country, rock and punk – some of his own tunes along with a take on the work of many other songwriters

“I like to think they were writing for me….”

James runs the Amazing Jam once a month at the Black Dog in Stirling and co-hosts a regular Song Circle at the Beaufort Pub in Belleville. He plays at a variety of venues around the area.

James also hosts a Facebook page – BV Amazing Music – with information about music and performance events in the Quinte area.

Contact Info

(613) 395-3257 (613) 395-3257
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