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Erin and Jesus from Thomas Estevez Design have worked as a team for more than 20 years, both here in Canada and abroad in Spain, selling and designing silver with semi-precious and fine stones. Jesus is also a painter.
“We have opened many stores and sold a few as well as wholesaling our designs in Spain. In Europe we learned the art of making high-end jewellery, micro fusion, setting and so on. We have made more than a thousand designs and get up each day wanting to do it again. The beauty of the stones is our inspiration. Their pure natural colours are so beautiful it is a spiritual experience. By using only silver, we hope to make the experience of owning a stone affordable. The white metal is also the preference of many modern people. We often set a quality of stones that is traditionally only set in gold.
We know the stones also have healing properties as they contain the same elements as our earth, universe and ourselves in a highly concentrated and refined form. Indeed it recently was discovered by scientists that stones are alive as well. It is a privilege to work with such a powerful material
We work with a lot of traditional forms and our rule is that it must be beautiful and that is the only statement we want to make with our forms. We are now in Belleville so we can be close to our family and live in this very special place called Canada.”
Jesus studied art at the University of Ottawa. He does figurative art, landscapes, interiors, still-life, and sometime mixes the real and the surreal with an expressionistic style. Recently, he approaches art as what he calls “positive art”.
“I think Painting is a way of communication, and there are enough things that are negative in our lives…. Paintings through its colour can make you feel good, show you the beauty the artist got inspired from, then you got something important and good.”

Jesus holds art classes regularly.

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Jesus Estevez

Jesus and Erin Estevez