Katrina Sorge

Katrina Sorge, 19, originates here in Belleville, Ontario. She is fairly new to the creative community though she has always been interested and involved herself in one art form or another and began seriously pursuing late 2014.

She is very experimental and versatile in her creative process using mediums from photography and digital imaging to paints, airbrush, and dry media. Familiar with figurative and forming finer details as well as the abstract and more unstructured side and just about anywhere else on the spectrum, she approaches her work as a meditation with an infinite variation of ways to compose her energy and focus. She mixes and emphasizes these contrastive paradoxical elements not only physically and intentionally but conceptually through her interest in sacred geometry and the symbolic patterns and forms prevalent in the microcosmic and macrocosmic levels of existence, such as nature, architecture, physics, human composition and DNA structure. For her, she has found a sort of alchemical force in making her art which reveals the divinity in what we often see as the mundane, and vice versa, ultimately representing and reminding her of the flawlessness of creation in each moment and fundamental interconnectedness with all that is.

But before these discoveries, her original inspiration came and still comes from the simple enjoyment of making her visions come to life, the potential of the imagination, and the endless experiences and feelings art can evoke which is why she finds it important to not limit herself to any particular niche when creating. With a website and online store now up and running and having been featured in her first exhibit, she continues to create and progress.


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