Laurie Stather

Quixotic by Laurene
Milliner and Felt Artisan

Laurie (Laurene) Stather is a milliner and fashion designer with a passion for texture, colour, and fabric manipulation, always striving to create one-of-a-kind designs. Constantly exploring different mediums has serendipitously led Laurie to discover the endless possibilities of felt.
Felt making, an ancient art was “womankind’s” first fabric after animal skins! Laurie has spent several years honing her skills with felt while utilising her pattern drafting and design skills to create seamless items that are functional, soft, pliable and warm, but neither fragile or difficult to care for.
Due to the nature of felt making, no piece can be replicated, each is truly unique. There is always an element of surprise and wonder as you can’t always predict the results! This keeps felting fresh and new and alive for Laurie.
Laurie’s label “Quixotic by Laurene” was drawn from Cervantes character Don Quixote and his quest to dream the impossible dream… to go where no other ventured, always tilting at windmills!
Creating something is an expression of a personal vision. I create with my mind, my heart, my eyes and my hands. Each piece carries an essence of my soul.

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