M. T. Rivers


Growing up in Toronto I spent much of my time sketching and writing. They were my means of communication, expression, release and self-exploration! After struggling for years as a self-taught artist, I received formal art training in a two-year Fine Arts course at St. Lawrence College, Kingston, Ontario, graduating with Distinction. I had finally learned how to reproduce the images and experiences in my head in order to transfer them to paper, canvas or clay. I have worked in a variety of medims including acrylics, oils, graphite, pastels, clay and conte.

From Michaelangelo to Escher, I have been inspired to embrace the rules of artistic realism and gone beyond them with Dali-nian and Escher-esk influences. I find myself lost, body and soul, in the intricate lines and direction of image as I strive to present perspectives that challenge the viewer to look more closely. I enjoy creating pieces inspired by natural cycles, connections, inter-dependency and unlimited boundaries, often merging man-made images with organic forms. Man vs nature has been a struggle for centuries: nature builds, man destoys, nature comes back…What if that relationship went a bit too far? How intertwined are we? How does one influence the other? How vulnerable, frail or determined are human beings when up against such a force? How interdependent are we on each other? History shows us that man will come-and-go but nature endures. Who will be the last one standing?

Much of the fodder for my work is inspired by actual forms found in the world around us. There are amazing, beautiful and shocking creations in nature that constantly surprise and feed my imagination allowing me to express myself, infuse my experiences and beliefs, touch on the sensuality of humans and nature while demanding that I look closer. As with all things I am constantly evolving, I hope my work stimulates emotions and inspires others.