Prince Edward County Arts Council

The Prince Edward County Arts Council (PECAC) is dedicated to promoting a vibrant arts community by acting as a catalyst for the creation and enjoyment of arts, and to working collaboratively with those who share a common interest in leveraging the arts for the economic and social development of Prince Edward County.

PECAC was formed in 1979 by a small group of civic-minded people who wanted to promote and encourage the appreciation and development of the arts in the County. Over the succeeding thirty plus years, the Arts Council has modified and enlarged its role to encourage and support a broad range of activities for and with artists, artisans and arts groups in the community.

The original members of the Arts Council wanted to encourage and promote the development of professional performing arts, and for 13 years brought professional live entertainment to the County on a regular basis. Over the years, there has been increasing demand for, and interest in, a greater variety of arts. Many artists have taken up residence in the County, drawn here by the creative energy in the community. The Arts Council has responded to demographic changes by broadening its mandate to include fine arts, fine crafts and the written and spoken word. It has evolved from a presenter of performances to encouraging and supporting a full range of artists, artisans and artistic groups in the community and now supports and manages 6 major events.

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Prince Edward County Arts Council