Richard Hows

A self taught woodcarver and nature photographer with an appreciation for the natural environment.  The son of renowned oil painter John F. Hows; I was born and raised in Oakville Ontario but spent weekends in the Madoc/Tweed area.  As a young boy I developed a fascination with maps that came with breakfast cereal depicting woodland carvings of the many indigenous peoples of Canada.  The Woodland masks of the Northeast were my favourite.  They depict morphological variance and many carving styles.

My backyard has been where I have spent many years canoeing the Moira, Black and Skoottamatta River systems.  The natural beauty of these environments has greatly affected my perception of the world around me.

I am soon to settle in the Tweed District , and continue to spend much of my time enjoying the great outdoors; the inspiration of my artistic endeavours.


Contact Info

294 Cottage Lane,
Tweed, Ontario KOK 3JO
(613) 242-4516 (613) 242-4516
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