The Quinte Society for Chamber Music

Founded in 2015 the Quinte Society for Chamber music represents a fundamental belief in the possibility that grass roots cultural support for the live performance of classical music can be found in Ontario’s rural community. A handful of people from Hastings and Prince Edward County came together to create an organization that would present and promote live classical music concerts in our rural communities. We began with concerts in St. Paul’s United Church , Stirling because of excellent acoustical properties of the sanctuary, the availability of a good quality, well maintained grand piano, and the proven interest of the local community in supporting classical music events. Spring of 2018 will see a multi-stop tour bringing classical music to the small venues that dot the Hastings- Prince-Edward countryside. With two years, four concert events, and associated out reach, behind us QSCM looks forward to an excellent future as our audience is developing, and our volunteer base increases.

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