Basement Garage

The Basement Garage is about music, performance, art and community.  Focused primarily with live music, Basement Garage has a 1500 sqft furnished studio fully equipped for rehearsals, concerts, jams and more – surrounded by 40 acres of private land.  The Basement Garage is dedicated to the positive promotion of live music and local artists providing a single contact to professional musicians, hobby musicians, plus venues and events wanting to hire entertainment.
“Everything we do is music.  When someone asks, ‘what do you do?’, the first thought is ‘everything’.  We list stuff on our website like photo/video shoots, recording, auditions, concerts and open jams.  But we are a resource for anything music.  If we can help, we will.  If there is something we can do, we will.  Don’t ever not do something before talking to us!”
Even with this brief description, the Basement Garage sounds amazing.  And it is.  They are the resource for everything music.  Take advantage of this unique resource!

But, what IS the Basement Garage?  The Basement Garage is the recreation room in the home of Wade and Lisa Terpstra, who enjoy music as a hobby.  “We always wanted a room in our home that all our instruments are always setup.  We knew if we had to get stuff out and set it up, we would likely never use it.”
“As we slowly worked away at finishing the basement, friends and family thought it was awesome.  And then one day it came to us.  Our basement is so awesome; it should have a name!”  So, the recreation room was named, Basement Garage.  Interest and support grew, particularly with musicians interested in the space for rehearsals.
We discussed it as a family.  We looked at this as an opportunity to give back to the community.  We do believe in Karma, what goes around comes around.  So we made the decision to open our home to the community.  We started by hosting a monthly Open Jam, intended to provide everyone an opportunity to share and enjoy local talent, which quickly grew.  If a band our musician wanted to use if for a rehearsal or a photo shoot, we would accommodate anyone if it was not in use.”
“Then it was at the point were it was always in use.  We were happy to see people enjoying it, but it was also tough with careers and children.”
In 2016, the decision was made to allow the Basement Garage to continue to grow.  Wade, with support from Lisa, now operates the Basement Garage full time to provide musicians more time to “Practice Hard and Play Loud”.  More information can be found on their Website and Facebook Page.
At the Basement Garage, “We listen to bands that don’t even exist yet!”


Contact Info

497 Marsh Road,
Belleville, Ontario K8N 4Z7
(613) 885-3075 (613) 885-3075