Expressions 2021 Winners

The Quinte Arts Council’s Expressions biennial juried show + sale features artists and artisans from throughout the Quinte region and is open to both members and non-members of the QAC.  The 2021 Show features art from over 40 artists working in a variety of media, including painters, photographers, woodworkers, carvers, sculptors, metal workers, textiles, and mixed media arts. The theme for 2021 is “Re-Imagine.”

Jurors Valerie Kent and Bill Reddick selected the following work for special recognition:

Juror’s Choice Award: Peter Bates for Regeneration (oil on canvas) $400

Jurors’ critique:Regeneration shows mastery of execution. It has a lovely sense of depth and perception. There is beautiful light in the background and in the foreground. Its asymmetry is pleasing, as is its organic patterning. It has an s-shaped composition, a landscape that juxtaposes the complementary colours which make the whole vibrate. It evokes many interpretations with its motion, balance and tension. It is like a well-crafted piece of music.”

Juror’s Choice Award: Michelle Hutchinson for Voices (mixed media) $2,300

Jurors’ critique:Voices is loosely painted, but tightly conceived. It has an atmospheric quality moving into the distance as if it is being looked at from the landscape above,” says Kent. “Colours are repeated around the picture plane making it both abstract yet it has an inherent representational feel, much as a landscape might, with its sky, horizon and foliage. It knows restraint in its calligraphy, has a nice balance and unique colour choices. It is textural and the dark tonalities contrast to create that sense of depth. It speaks a creative language.”

Craft Council Award: Joanne Rich for Discovering the Garden (Branches, vines, artist made paper) $300

Jurors’ critique: “It is a unique interpretation with its organic forms teased out of nature, its masterful competency working with the materials and the way the paper is created to highlight the shapes. It may appear as a shell, as sand dunes, as pathways of light. The branches are critical as escaped freedom expressed by the freed branches that keep it from being an enclosed space. In fact, it is suggestive of more space. It is foraged material: earthy, naturally pigmented and of handmade papers. It has originality of idea and concept, and is so engaging. It is quiet and yet, it pulls you in.”

The following artists received an Honourable Mention for their work:

Tom Ashbourne, Elation (Wonderstone on marble base)

Trevor O. Brant, United We Stand (Moose antler)

Wanda Elliott, The Cove (Rug hooking)

Sabrina Jovic, Awakening Movement I (Resin)

Susan Lorenzen, The Sum (Assemblage)

James G. Walt, Forever Blue (Spruce burl bowl)

Rachel Weagant, My Lows (Acrylic/sharpie/medium viscosity)

Gallery visitors (in-person and online) were invited to vote for their favourite artwork.

The winner of the People’s Choice Award:

Catherine Joyce for Re-Imagine Indigenous Canoe Trails (acrylic pour on canvas) (sold)

Gallery visitors had lots to say about this work, including:

“I found myself lost in the painting. The lines of where the sky meets the water are incredibly subtle yet have depth. I can picture myself on the sand looking out at the horizon – peacefully.”

“The visual effects of the water rippling that you achieved are ‘chilling’!!!!”

“I enjoy the transitions from earth to water to sky. There is much to lose myself in.”

“Pours take a skill of movement of colour”