Everyone Under the Rainbow Virtual Show: 2020

June is Pride month, a time when LGBTQ+ communities around the world celebrate the freedom to be themselves. And so the Quinte Arts Council is proud to host the second annual Everyone Under the Rainbow show.

While the QAC gallery is still closed, we invite you to a virtual celebration of photographs and art that reflects, respects, features and speaks to the LGBTQ2S+ community. New artist featured every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our intention is to foster new connections with artists in the LGBTQ2S+ community in Quinte to provide a safe place for them to showcase and celebrate their art. Because everyone deserves a place under the rainbow.

We are accepting submissions throughout the month of June. To submit, please complete the intake form here.

To purchase art, please email the QAC.

Presenting Sarah Winn:

“These are a collective of paintings that I have created after a totally awesome drag show one raining day at Focus Cafe. They are all together called “Focus Circus.” I wanted to portray the energies from each of the artists, and bring in their own words to relay the message.”

Let’s Party : Acrylic on canvas : 36″ x 12″ : $125

Peer behind the beard of Corky:  I am a shy awkward person, which is one of the best parts of me. By day I am an automotive technician, by night I am a beautiful bearded woman.

I love glittery dresses. You will also catch me wearing pantsuits.

Drag is my art, my passion and yes the beard is necessary for me, it what gives my queen power.

“I am King” : Acrylic on canvas : 36″ x 12″ : $125

Dare (on the left): I am Dare de LaFemme, a Kingston drag king. I started doing drag nearly a year ago, and have not looked back since. Doing drag as Dare gives me the ability to push back against gender norms and question what beauty and masculinity/femininity mean.

In my day to day life I go by Liz, am 26 years old, and use she/her pronouns. I wrestled competitively through high school and university for 7 years and I really enjoyed the feeling of strength and power that came with that activity. I also had a lot of fun with the gender nonconformity that came with participation in a very male dominated sport.

For me drag is an outlet for both artistic and gender expression and has allowed me to embrace my more feminine sides in a much more enjoyable and comfortable way than I have been able to in a long time.

Vinny (on the right): Vinny Von Vinci, stray son and founding member of the Amsterdam House of Løstbois. Vinny uses drag as a political platform to blur gender binaries, facilitate discussion and build inclusive queer spaces and communities. He alternates between Ontario Canada and his hometown Amsterdam. Catch him where you can.

Take that! : Acrylic on canvas : 36″ x 12″ : $125

Annihilation: My name is Annihilation and I am here to destroy! I am a 22-year-old, Belleville-born and raised drag performer who can basically be described as creepy but also glamorous. With a love for all things Halloween and darkness mixed in with a love for all things sparkling and sequined a walking ball of contradictions has been the basis of my entire life. My main philosophy in life is just do what you want (as long as it isn’t hurting anyone) because as cheesy as it sounds we honestly don’t get that much time. In my life I have had a lot of deaths that have shown me that. In my own experience, going for things is usually best than waiting. I waited three or four years to look for ways to show my drag, and sometimes I regret that lost time that I could be experiencing the wild happiness my art form gives me now. Currently in my life I am just absorbing all of the happiness that comes with living my true self and finding those who support you and love you no matter what, making a family out of friends and making my community a better place for everyone in it.

Presenting Luis Cisneros:

Luis Cisneros is a Mexican/Canadian artist who uses the pronouns Ze/Hir. Ze moved to Canada in 2005 and a year later ze sold hir first piece to the city of Toronto. Luis has won the Jurors’ Choice Award twice at Pride London Festival Art Show and the Los Diez Award at Latin American Ilustración with shows in New York City, Brooklyn and Bogota. Ze is exploring themes of multiculturalism and queerness while studying Sculpture and Installation at OCAD University.”

To learn more about the artist, view Luis’ QAC member profile here.

“Confidence” : Black charcoal on wood panel with clear resin : 24″ x 36″ : $800 


“Nurture” : Black charcoal on wood panel with clear resin ; 24″ x 36″ : $800
“Awakening” : Acrylic, aluminum wiring, aluminum sheets on wood panel : 24″ x 36″ : $2,300

Presenting Bill Stearman:

Bill is a local queer quilt maker, storyteller, and activist. Recent works focus on gender, sexuality, equity, racial discrimination, and social justice. Many include words. His award winning work has been juried into national and international shows across North America, and has been featured in a range of publications. He lectures and teaches across Canada. In spite of all of this, Bill considers himself to be ‘just a guy who makes quiltsʼ.

“For the Oppression of LGBTQ2 Communities, We Apologize” : 77” x 82” : NFS

Cotton fabric featuring text from the Prime Ministerʼs apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians, delivered in the House of Commons, on November 28, 2017. Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur, quintestudios.com

“The Power of One: Gender Fluidity” : 63” x 63” : NFS

Cotton solids, arranged in one large, traditional quilt block and featuring the range of pronouns used by my friends. Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur, quintestudios.com

“Reclaiming Pride: A Bed Spread” : 70” x 82” : $1500

This is a word quilt, with the words written using Morse Code. The spaces between dots and dashes have been left out. It is intended to take a word, often used as a slur, and turn it into a thing of beauty. It boldly and proudly states … “Two faggots sleep here” Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur, quintestudios.com

Presenting Ella Wagner:

“My name is Ella Wagner and I’m a high school student at CHSS in Madoc. My life has always been filled with art and it’s what fills a lot of my time. This piece titled “Truce?” is inspired by a still off of the film adaption of the book “Call Me By Your Name” by Andre Aciman, which is a LGBTQ+ coming-of-age novel. It depicts two characters, Elio and Oliver, holding part of a statue. This is my second year submitting a painting to the “Everyone Under the Rainbow” show, and I’m looking forward to submitting more pieces in the following years.”

Ella Wagner : “Truce?” : Acrylic on canvas : $250

Presenting Paul Shier:

“The world needs art. New worlds to buried emotions are brought forth taking the viewer on a journey they may never have known if not for the creative expressions envisioned by an artist. Due to the exceptional beauty given to us by nature, I prefer creating art from wood and stone left natural, but the only real limit is my imagination. Due to my love of the outdoors and watching the canvas change all around me as each fleeting moment passes, in turn expands my creative abilities.”

“In Love” : Carving in Brazilian Soapstone : $595

Presenting Ron Waddling:

Ron Waddling’s bio in the arts includes recognized paintings, writings, theatre and film work. He is a strong supporter of the arts in all disciplines and received awards for his contribution. He lives in Brighton, Ontario.

“Every June I reflect on LGBTQ communities thanks to PRIDE initiatives. My art acknowledges we are one, the same, with individual appearances, beliefs and emotions. But we are one world.” 

WHICH ONE IS A RABBIT? : Giclee of mixed media, Print on canvas available- priced according to size. Average approx: 12 x 18 : $125

Presenting Catherine Joyce:

“There is a magical visual beauty in the motion of colour. Paint has a mind of its own. Artists experience this frustrating fact about the medium all too often. Sometimes it’s hard to blend; sometimes it decides to dry into a different colour. It’s a sneaky element of the artistic process. I specialize in a technique called acrylic pour; my artwork is all about the unpredictable path my paints take. I think it is fun and a different way of engaging with paint and art.”

Burst of Pride : Acrylic Pour on Canvas, gallery wrapped, wired for hanging : 12″ X 12″ : $40


Fan of Pride : Acrylic Pour on Canvas, gallery wrapped, wired for hanging : 16″ X 12″ : $50


Pride & Glory : Acrylic Pour on Canvas, each gallery wrapped, wired for hanging : Collage of 4 paintings: 4″ X 4″ : $20 each 4 X 4 ($80 for the collage)