Everyone Under the Rainbow Virtual Show: 2021

June is Pride month, a time when LGBTQ+ communities around the world celebrate the freedom to be themselves. And so the Quinte Arts Council is proud to host the third annual Everyone Under the Rainbow show.

While the QAC gallery is still closed, we invite you to a celebration of photographs and art that reflects, respects, features and speaks to the LGBTQ2S+ community. Featured artists are displayed in our Gallery Window at 36 Bridge Street East, Belleville.

Our intention is to foster new connections with artists in the LGBTQ2S+ community in Quinte to provide a safe place for them to showcase and celebrate their art. Because everyone deserves a place under the rainbow.

June 8: While the Window Gallery is now full, we are accepting submissions for the virtual show throughout the month of June. To submit, please complete the intake form here.

Presenting Sarah Winn:

This is a portrait of a fellow artist named Carlos Llamas from Echo Park, CA. I follow his amazing geometrical designs; his precision blows my mind. I love his bold attitude, so I asked if I could paint one of his photos for Pride Month. When he saw it he “gagged,” lol, and loves it so much we are going to exchange artworks. You can find the “Lazy Boy in a Big City” and his work on Instagram @johnllamas.

“Queen” : 12″x 24″ : Acrylic paint and collage on cradled wooden panel : $NFS

Presenting Luis Cisneros:

Luis Cisneros is a non-binary Mexican/Canadian artist born in Mexico City who currently resides in the cities of Belleville and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As being part of these two cultures ze explores the ideas of land, race, immigration, identity, family dynamics and queerness. Hir personal experiences are reflected in hir work by using figurative symbolism and self-portraits creating narratives of multiculturalism. Luis predominantly works in sculpture and painting.

To learn more about the artist, view Luis’ QAC member profile here.

In “Confidence” I took the history of dealing with struggles with my gender identity and life challenges, like losing my mother, that took me years to accept and become confident. Without feeling that I belonged in any place, or even in my own body, the only comfort that I had was having the thought of my mother. But, with time I got better, feeling that I came out of the storm looking triumphant by having my mother by my side even that she wasn’t in this world. In this piece, I rendered myself as a non-binary adult and my mother’s spirit as a child holding my hand. Her image is based on a photograph of her childhood. Complementing the first piece I played with the idea of time, space and cycles. Nurture & Confidence were the recipient of the Jurors’ Choice Award at the 2018 Pride London Art Show.

“Confidence” : Black charcoal on wood panel with clear resin : 24″ x 36″ : $NFS 

“Awakening” is a tridimensional mixed media painting which explores gender and self-representation through the inspiration of music videos. The artist not only renders hirself as a woman but also includes the colours of the transgender flag in the work to symbolize hir gender identity. Further symbolism found in this piece includes the flowers and the female figure coming out from the darkness. The darkness represents the violence the trans community faces; we see the figure is emerging and looking ahead, but still affected by it. Another aspect that the artist explores in this piece is the flora. The piece celebrates Mexican and Canadian culture through the representation of floral emblems. The vanilla flower represents Mexico and the trillium represents Canada. The flowers, along with the figure’s serene expression, also represent that self-acceptance and self-love will triumph against adversity.

“Awakening” : Acrylic, aluminum wiring, aluminum sheets on wood panel : 24″ x 36″ : $NFS

“Luis Cisneros Portrait” is a self-portrait. The three-dimensional postcard was created to express not only my non-binary gender and personality but also the celebration of my two cultures, Mexican and Canadian. The use of figurative emblems representing cultural aspects, land and queer gender.I use different elements to create an intricate artwork starting with a base and then layered with different levels and including individual pieces that interact with others to form a single piece. Luis Cisneros Portrait was part of the first year group show “Face to Face” postcard at OCAD University.

Polymer Clay and Coloured Pencil on Illustration Board. 6″ x 5″ x 2″ : $NFS

Presenting Ella Wagner:

Ella has been an artist since she was two years old. At age 16, she now uses art to help understand and express herself. Lately she’s been using acrylic, watercolour, and pencil, but is always open to learn and experimenting with new mediums. She is in grade 11 at Centre Hastings Secondary School.

To learn more about this artist, visit Ella’s QAC profile here.

“We experience hate, stigma, and discrimination across our lifespans, starting when we’re young and continuing far into adulthood and the end of our lives. Our suicide rates are 14 times higher and we’re high targets for sexual and physical assault, harassment, and hate crimes. Yet if we step back, inside we’re all the same. I’m not greedy, not disgusting, not brainwashed or useless or a disappointment. Not needy or a waste of space or an attention seeker or broken. I’m just loving who I love.”

This is me : Acrylic on canvas : 12″ x 18″ : $NFS

Presenting Daniel Fobert:

Daniel Fobert is a graduate of Sheridan College in Oakville and is a trained graphic designer. From the mid to late 80’s until 2014 Daniel was a member of Artist 25 in Toronto. Daniel is now retired and one of the former owners of Screen Art Products, their customers included, ROM, AGO and Gardiner Museum. He now dedicates himself to his first love, painting , drawing and the arts. He is one of the members of Gallery 121, The QAC and Baxter Arts Centre.

To learn more about the artist, visit Daniel’s QAC profile here.

Daniel Fobert : Under the Rainbow : Oil on Canvas : 28″ x 22″ : $1,000

Presenting Ingrid Kao:

My work is mostly digital, a medium that has been infamous for its debate on whether or not it is valid form of art. It is difficult to determine if the content of the piece, or the intimacy of the creation process defines ‘real’ art. In a way, the medium reflects the pieces I’ve made. My pieces represent gender, its role in society, and whether or not these roles are set in stone. “Ladyfingers” represents traditional femininity in men, and “Breadwinner” represents traditional masculinity in women.

 Yuan-Quin Ingrid Kao : Breadwinner : Digital

Yuan-Quin Ingrid Kao : Ladyfingers : Digital

Presenting Roslyn Dechert:

Roslyn Dechert has created over 350 works, oil on canvas. She studied at the Anne Tanembaum School of Art and completed her studies under Dr. Abby Dadashi. Her influence of American Romanticism and early impressionism are evident in her creations. Roslyn is a member of the transgender community and an assistant facilitator for TRANSforum Quinte. She has sold hundreds of paintings both in galleries throughout Ontario and working as a street artist in Toronto, painting outside the Ontario Art Gallery.

“The large tree in the foreground is gracious and beautiful displaying her majestic foliage. She is like the transgender girl: beautiful in all her splendour, resilient yet alone.”

October Fields : oil on canvas : 20″ x 30″ :$700

“The inspiration for this work originated in Burk’s Falls where I lived in the bus for many years. I was intrigued by a community of trees who live by their individual merit. Nature does not judge them on their origins, or characteristics and they flourish in equality.”



Early Light of June : oil on canvas : 20″ x 30″ :$700


Virtual Show only:

Presenting Bill Stearman:

Bill is a local queer quilt maker, storyteller, and activist. Recent works focus on gender, sexuality, equity, racial discrimination, and social justice. Many include words. His award winning work has been juried into national and international shows across North America, and has been featured in a range of publications. He lectures and teaches across Canada. In spite of all of this, Bill considers himself to be ‘just a guy who makes quiltsʼ.

“For the Oppression of LGBTQ2 Communities, We Apologize” : 77” x 82” : NFS

Cotton fabric featuring text from the Prime Ministerʼs apology to LGBTQ2 Canadians, delivered in the House of Commons, on November 28, 2017. Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur, quintestudios.com

“The Power of One: Gender Fluidity” : 63” x 63” : NFS

Cotton solids, arranged in one large, traditional quilt block and featuring the range of pronouns used by my friends. Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur, quintestudios.com

“Reclaiming Pride: A Bed Spread” : 70” x 82” : $1500

This is a word quilt, with the words written using Morse Code. The spaces between dots and dashes have been left out. It is intended to take a word, often used as a slur, and turn it into a thing of beauty. It boldly and proudly states … “Two faggots sleep here” Quilted by Deanna Gaudaur, quintestudios.com