RISE Because We Are Equal Virtual Show

March 2020: Uncertainly around the trajectory of COVID-19, amidst announcements of closings and cancellations, is creating a lot of anxiety for many people. Art helps soothe the soul at the best of the times, and is even more potent at times like these.

While the QAC Gallery is closed until further notice, we are moving our current show RISE : Because We Are Equal online. Here we will celebrate the aesthetics and voices of women’s voices in the Quinte Region and feature a new artist daily.

To purchase art, please email the QAC.


Presenting Melissa Brant:

“Local artist, mom to two awesome creative kids. I specialize in face and body paint, but I enjoy creating acrylic works on canvas as well as many other forms of art. I love to help others express themselves through art, too!”

Selfie, acrylic on canvas, NFS

Presenting Christina Osborne:

“After 35 years’ experience with the Federal Public Service, Tina continued her largely self-taught personal creative experience. Influenced by her artistic painter mother and her subsequent naturalistic experiences at Presqu’ile Provincial Park, she paints insects, animals, people, aqua and landscapes in watercolour, coloured pencil, pastel, ink and in her favourite medium acrylic. Work tends to be realistic with abstract/intuitive/surrealistic and spiritual leanings.”



“Mother, Protector of the Oceans” Coloured pencil pastel $450
“PTSD, I’ve Found Peace” Acrylic, mixed media $250


Presenting Sabrina Jovic:

Radiance, Mixed media (acrylic, textured medium), 8″ x 10″ $100


Presenting Kaya Pereira:

“From a long line of visual artists, I have always been immersed in the fine arts. Painting is viewed as a lifestyle, and not a hobby in my family. My view of the world was groomed through the magical, detail-oriented eyes of my predecessors. My heart lies in nature, the diverse landscape we call Ontario holds the energy that I attempt to capture.”

Crisp County Dawn, Ink & watercolour, $75 framed

Presenting Kathryn MacDonald:

“Creativity – with camera, oil or watercolour, or words for a poem – encourages seeing both the surface of things and deeply what lies beneath. Creating opens our eyes and our hearts. I hope that you will enter my work and glimpse something previously unseen, know something previously unknown.”



The Seeker, Monochromatic oil sketch, framed $189
“A Breeze You Whisper” $16.95
“Avatar”: A poem celebrating female artists and the creative act. Published in “A Breeze You Whisper” Available as a broadsheet $5

Presenting Dawn Morin:

“A woman slowly rises from the depths up to the light. Scattered on the ocean floor are her reproductive parts and the cancer that was threatening to consume her. Threads that bound her to a painful death have been cut.”

“Up from the Depths” Acrylic and thread, $250
Presenting Katherine Keenan:
“Ms. Keenan has made Belleville home since 1985. She attended Humber College of Applied Arts, and worked in the field of advertising and graphic design in Toronto, excuting artwork designs and illustrations for clients such as McDonalds, Blue Jays, Coca-Cola, etc. Locally, she designed the logo for Belleville’s First Adventure Child Development Centre. Ms. Keenan can be found throughout the Quinte area working in different organizations, sharing her skills and love of arts with youth.”
“Without Boundaries” Oil pastel $200 framed
“Strength” Chalk pastel $175 framed
“Rainbow” Oil pastel $150 framed
Daughters of the Future” Pencil $150 framed
Presenting Rosanne Duke:
“I have been an active artist in Belleville/Quinte area since 1983. At present my artistic expression is through relief printmaking. Most often my inspiration and imagery reflects my own experiences, outlook and emotional state, which is a woman’s view. The artworks I have chose to submit vary in personal subject matter, and are from various years. It is my hope, as an artist, that individuals will react from their personal place, finding something in the work that resonates with them.”
“The Backyard Tree on Albert” Linocut relief print on rice paper 2017 $150 framed
“Winter Wind Warning” Linocut relief print 2017 $145 framed
Free-flying Girlhood Memory” Linocut relief print 2014 $145 framed
“After the Dance” Linocut relief print 2007 $115 framed

Presenting Katrina Houston:

“I am a Canadian-born artist. I have practiced art since I was three years old. I really enjoy cartoon and animation art. I have high-functioning autism and art has always been my way of expressing myself.”
Eeyore’s Birthday Surprise, Acrylic on canvas, NFS
Animation character named “Brad”, animation marker, NFS


Colour rapture, abstract watercolour, NFS
Presenting Shani Doucet:

“Throughout her life, Shani Doucet has always been fascinated by different artists and how the world is represented through their eyes. She continues to further develop her interests, skills and talents by visiting and talking to artists when she travels. She has taken various art courses at St. Lawrence College in Brockville, Loyalist College in Belleville, the Tett Centre in Kingston and different workshops from local artists in the area. Shani lives with her partner Jeff and stepson Max.”

“Goodbye” Acrylic on canvas $100
“Blue” Acrylic on canvas,$75
Presenting Lola Allin Reid:

“Since I became addicted to slow travel in 1993 I’ve done multi-day camel safaris in Tanzania and Morocco and earned my Dog Mushers Certificate (Yukon). I’ve trekked the Inca Trail, Navarre-Rioja region (Spain), the Guatemalan jungl to the ancient Maya site of El Mirador, Torres del Paine National Park (Chile) and the Akshayuk Pass (Canada).

Young Maya girl doing her sums. Mexico 2015. $175


Ola Rae in front of her restaurant. Belize 2015. $175