Quinte Arts Council congratulates new City Councillor Carol Feeney

Photo source: Inquinte.ca


The team and the Board of Directors at the Quinte Arts Council extend a hearty congratulations to new Belleville City Councillor Carol Feeney, who filled the empty seat vacated by former city councillor Ryan Williams. Feeney was at City Hall. 

We know Feeney as a long-time arts advocate and look forward to working together to continue cultivating local arts and culture.

Feeney served 15 years as executive director of the Quinte Arts Council until 2018 when she ran for municipal office.

According to her LinkedIn account, Feeney “served artists, and arts, culture, heritage and community groups, both professionally and as a volunteer. [She] organized and promoted many events including Festival of Trees, the ArteVino Art and Wine Festival, visual arts exhibits, music concerts and festivals, Arts Recognition Awards, and the Youth Arts 150 Music and Arts Festival 2017.” 

In a 2006 article in the Community Press, Feeney is quoted as saying, “Artistic expression is so undervalued and by some considered a frill… Think about what the community would be like without artists, musicians, producers and administrators. We are an industry that enhances and enriches our community.”

“We’re happy to have such an experienced and passionate arts champion joining us as advocates at the Council table,” says Executive Director Janet Jarrell. “The Quinte Arts Council has played a foundational role in our community for over 54 years, and our programs continue to adapt and evolve in response to the needs of our members and our artists. The QAC appreciates your support as we advance, support, promote and cultivate the local arts and culture community.”


For more information, please contact:
Fiona Campbell
Director of Communications and Outreach
Quinte Arts Council