Typographic Exhibition

Loyalist College Art & Design Foundation students interpret writings by QAC members.

Two years ago, QAC’s Executive Director and member of the Art & Design Foundation Advisory Board, Carol Feeney, approached Loyalist College faculty with an idea that would involve training for the students in digital media, while engaging and creating profile for QAC member writers.  The idea came from her experience in organizing an international typographic exhibition for the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada at the Design Exchange in Toronto.

Chris Bauer standing next to the piece created based on his poem, The Dragon’s Birthday Cake.

“As type is an intricate part of graphic design, I thought that an interesting and challenging project for students was to interpret the work of poets, writers, songwriters and historians and express it in images created using only font. The results have been amazing.  Not only did the students create outstanding work, many have told faculty that the pieces they created have helped in their portfolios to gain acceptance into OCAD and York University,” states Feeney.  The second annual Typography Exhibition was held this past April at the college.