Cultivating Creativity

A Creative Couple

Cultivating Creativity

Kodie Trahan-Guay

A Creative Couple

Lori Meeboer is a nationally recognized painter living in Corbyville Ontario. Meeboer paints the Canadian landscape in her unique mosaic style and captures the distinct Canadian experience. Fred Rutherford is a portrait and nature photographer in Corbyville Ontario who is well known for his joyful portraits and breathtaking landscapes. Rutherford has a talent for capturing priceless moments in time. Together, Meeboer and Rutherford have created an exhibition titled Our Favourite Things. Opening on April 4th from 4-6pm come out and see this collaboration of their favourite local, regional and truly Canadian moments.

“When two artists live under the same roof, you inspire each other daily and you learn to see things through your partner’s eye,” says Meeboer. “What started as me begging for the car to be pulled over so I could get a reference photo for a painting, has turned into Fred creating incredible landscape photographs. Some of which I use for references! A collaborative exhibition was inevitable.”

“Lori and I both create with passion and our mediums are so different that we thought it would be tremendous fun to put together an exhibition that brought our passions to life, side by side,” says Rutherford. 

The exhibition has been years in the making, as it showcases a collection of their cherished memories and the places they’ve explored together, both in Ontario and abroad, throughout their journey in life. Meeboer is a graduate of Trent University and is a third generation painter who has spent her life surrounded by art. Rutherford is a graduate of George Brown College for graphic design, his father was a graphic designer. Rutherford picked up his love of photography as an extension of his passion for design. They are “two kids raised by artist dads” who grew up exposed to art during their formative years.

Meeboer and Rutherford both have full time careers outside of their art careers and most of their spare time is devoted to creating. They believe sacrifice of a sort is necessary for successful art careers, but they’ve been well rewarded, especially emotionally, from their journeys. 

“Art has saved my life. I don’t say that lightly. In the deepest darkest moments of my life, in trauma and loss, art has been my constant companion,” says Meeboer. “I am so grateful for it every day.”

Rutherford has grown from his work. “It has caused me to slow down and savour the moments. It has forced me to take chances and speak to strangers on the street and learn their stories. It has given me a window into other’s lived experiences and made me better for it.” 

Meeboer loves the Canadian outdoors and is inspired by nature. Rutherford is influenced by the human experience and wants to capture moments people normally don’t notice. 

“Lori and I are both storytellers, so for any piece you will see in the exhibition, we will have a story to tell about that piece,” says Rutherford. “It becomes a critical part of our process, knowing the story and applying it to the finished product.”

The couple aims to invite everyone to view their artwork and hopefully feel inspired to create their own.

“We welcome you to come check out our exhibition, maybe find something to take home or maybe just have some lovely memories triggered of some of your favourite things,” says Meeboer. “We hope to see you there.” 

Our Favourite Things is on display at the QAC Gallery, 36 Bridge St East, until April 26th. Opening night with an opportunity to meet the artists will take place April 4th from 4PM-6PM.

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