Arts Education

Arts Education

Supporting the new generation of artists.

The purpose of Quinte Arts Council’s arts education, awards and bursaries program is to:

  • provide quality visual and performing arts training in the classroom at local schools in the Quinte Area to students grades K to 12
  • educate students about cultural diversity and inclusion in the arts
  • encourage post-secondary education in an arts field
  • recognize those in our community who have made a significant contribution to arts and culture

All applications for these projects are reviewed and funds or awards approved by Quinte Arts Council’s Arts Education, Awards and Bursaries Committee.

"It overall has been an enriching year full of new experiences. I am looking forward to the next school year on campus and I’m so grateful to the QAC for having lessened the financial burden so that I can continue schooling."

"I am anticipating more growth, development of my practice, and the lasting influence it will have which I will carry into my career. I truly want to thank the Quinte Arts Council for the support and confidence they’ve given me to pursue my practice."

"It was a positive experience that students and (artist) Perry Poupore benefited from and we are hoping to repeat the process in the future thanks in part to your support. It was thanks to Quinte Arts Council that this enhanced training was able to take place."