Support Local Arts

Support Local Arts

Your donation helps us support artists and contributes to a vibrant and sustainable community. Your contribution makes a difference and every bit helps. Thank you!

The Quinte Arts Council is a registered charitable umbrella organization (#107869448RR0001) dedicated to promoting artists and arts organizations in all disciplines and to further appreciation of arts and culture in the Quinte region. Our revenues come from government at the municipal and provincial level, sponsorships, foundations, memberships and donations.

Art and culture play an important role in defining who we are as a community and contributes to a healthy local economy and lifestyle for those who live and work in the area. Our programs continue to adapt, change and evolve in response to the needs of our members and our community.

Be Recognized for Your Support

Please choose a donor category and we will recognize your generosity on our website:

  • 01Patron

    For a donation of $25-$125, your donation supports our Arts Education program in schools.

  • 02Benefactor

    A donation of $126-$299 promotes artists events, projects and work in our community.

  • 03Partner

    For a donation of $300-$999, your generosity supports professional development for our members and artists in the community.

  • 04Premier Arts Supporter

    A donation of $1,000+, elevates the Umbrella publication and visionary projects for the Quinte Arts Council such as our multi-purpose arts space.

  • 05Premier Arts Benefactor

    For a donation of $5,000+, your generosity champions the creative initiatives of an artistic community and a generation of new local artists.

Your support helps local artists, arts education and QAC programs.

Your support helps local artists, arts education and QAC programs.

THANK YOU to all Quinte Arts Council donors for their generosity.

Leave a legacy with the Arts

Leave a legacy with the Arts

Honour your loved ones and the arts with a legacy donation.