Artist Spotlight

Allison Lynn

Multidisciplinary Artist

Allison Lynn

Allison lives in Tyendinaga and is a multidisciplinary artist who studied fine arts at OCAD-U and York University before becoming a teacher. She works with installations, textiles, sculpture, and printmaking among others. Allison features her Haudenosaunee background in her work as she finds ways to connect and create a dialogue between the past, the present, and possible future.

Allison on her work: “The process of printmaking is so organic and visceral. I feel it marries the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds of art together in a way that few other practices do. I love the way it feels to cut the linoleum blocks, to roll out the ink to just the right consistency, and because I lack a true printing press, I also love the pressure and strength I must place upon each print as I make it. An intention of printmaking is to have uniformity amongst one‛s prints; however, there are always slight variances in the thickness of line, and the texture of the ink, which makes each print unique in it‛s own way.”


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