Artist Spotlight

Karole Marois

Figurative Painter

Karole Marois

Karole Marois is a professional artist who specializes in figurative painting. She currently lives on the shore of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design and has also earned a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Karole specializes in painting the human figure in a sensitive way that captures a person’s character.

Exploring the universal human condition is a fundamental theme in Karole’s work. Her work is influenced by her early exposure to the works of the Renaissance masters, in addition to the quiet intensity of other creatives such as Edward Hopper, Alex Colville, and the poet, Leonard Cohen (to name a few).

A deep desire to communicate in a visual language is the driving force behind Karole’s work. She combines her passion for rendering the human form with her lifelong love for nature to create work that expresses ideas of harmony, togetherness, love and emotional survival. Bodies of water and the human figure are significant motifs in Karole’s paintings. She is fascinated by the ever-changing moods of Lake Ontario and the white silence of ice and snow.

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