Cultivating Creativity

Fall Scenes of Quinte Show and Sale

Cultivating Creativity

Kodie Trahan-Guay

Fall Scenes of Quinte Show and Sale

As the temperature dips into cooler digits, nature comes alive, painting itself in dazzling, vibrant colours. Autumn is an inspirational season for artists, and the beauty of the season is the idea behind the latest Quinte Arts Council (QAC) art show, Fall Scenes of Quinte. The show and sale features the works of thirteen different artists from across the Quinte region, and it is the third collaborative show the QAC has put on this year.

With each purchase, 70% of the item’s price will go to the artist, and 30% will go toward the QAC Artist in the Schools Bursary Program. The artists participating in the show are David Alexander, Tom Ashbourne, Peter Bates, Judy Clark, Kelli Dossi, Daniel Fobert, Sabrina Jovic, Lorraine Mackie, Helen Van Poorten, Sandra Lee Randle, Lola Reid Allin, Joanne Rich, and William Richards.

“We want to make sure artists are able to make a living wage from the sales of their work,” QAC Executive Director Janet Jarrell says. “This show, we decided to dedicate the remaining portion of the sale toward our Artist in the Classroom program. It’s a program that needs funding to be successful, and the arts are some of the first places that take cuts.”

With vastly different mediums, from photography to paintings to sculpture and lanterns, the public is in for a treat to see how each artist interpreted the theme in their own way.

“Making art has been a constant force in my life since childhood. I often say I need to paint. Inspiration abounds in the Quinte area with its four-season beauty. I love to photograph the shores of the Bay of Quinte and Wellers Bay,” says artist Lorraine Mackie about the inspiration behind her work. “Soft pastels have become my favourite medium as they can be coupled with watercolours and acrylics. All those ready colours of pastels are so enticing. I enjoy getting my hands dirty while I manipulate the pigments on sanded papers.”

Some artists paint from photographs, while others work directly within the community to capture the beauty of the Quinte region. Artist Peter Bates works on-site as well as in his studio.

“I start my landscapes on-site, working directly in oil, to get down the composition and establish my colour palette. The painting is completed in my studio over a period of months, which gives me time to reflect on the work I am doing,” says Bates. “Algae On The Bay was begun at the foot of Sidney Street in Belleville, looking west from the pumping plant. However, I have taken liberties with the scene to suit the composition of the painting. Also, I have revisited the area several times and have incorporated aspects of how the play of light and shadow affected the landscape at various moments.”

There are a couple of photographers amongst the thirteen artists. Artist Sandra Randle believes that seeing the beauty of the Quinte region through a lens helps her view the area in a new way.

“Photography is an emotional outlet for me; one that is constantly evolving as I discover who I am and how I fit into the universe,” says Randle. “Seeing my subject through a lens, in different lighting, from different angles and perspectives, and the challenge of capturing it with all the elements perfectly combined are what drives my passion.”

Opening reception was held on Thursday, October 6th. Fall Scenes of Quinte runs from October 3rd-31st at the QAC Gallery.

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