Mason Forsey-Mackinnon

DIY Kinda Guy

by Greg Ceci


Mason Forsey-Mackinnon

Traditionally, the music industry has required a record contract to sniff out any scent of success, but things change and now musicians must be the Jack-of-all-trades juggling songwriting, production, performances, bookings, business and promotions. Emerging songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mason Forsey-Mackinnon is already releasing music, performing as much as possible and engaging in radio interviews. 

Forsey-Mackinnon has established himself as a staple in the Belleville/Kingston music scenes while attending St. Lawrence College for Music and Digital Media. He says, “So far I’ve learned a lot – I believe by the end, I’ll be a lot more self-sufficient”

Forsey-Mackinnon caught the bug listening to tunes in the car on family excursions. Then, at the age of ten, life turned upside-down when his parents divorced. Grandparents Rick and Penny were instrumental in the transition and were the solid support system vital for a young artist to flourish. “Family has been extremely supportive in my pursuit of music. My grandparents have only missed a few performances and have helped with transportation. Both of my parents are super supportive, as well as my girlfriend and her family.” 

He began his journey by beatboxing in grade six, playing in a band in grade seven and emerging as a guitar player in grade eight, rocking an AC/DC medley at a school talent show. Mason recalls, “Guitar became my new reputation and it felt great!”

Thereafter, he was inspired by an album that Dave Grohl (drummer and co-founder of the Foo Fighters) wrote, recorded and played most of the instruments. That was all the spark Forsey-Mackinnon needed, “The idea of being self-sufficient and being able to do that to such a high degree pushed me to learn more than just the guitar and voice.”

His foray into songwriting began early and he admits the first songs were rough, but with determination and hard work, Forsey-Mackinnon has fast become a seasoned songwriter, earning the respect of the elder tunesmiths in the region. He describes his greatest musical achievement,  “Finding comfort in my own voice and finding my sound – over the past few years I’ve settled into something that I can describe as my own evolving sound.”

Forsey-Mackinnon has also been taking note of what other musicians and songwriters are doing. Thankful for all the opportunities to cut his teeth at open mics and music events, Forsey-Mackinnon adds, “Notable people that were supportive from the start of my journey were Randy Stewart, Norma Jeanne Laurette and Greg Ceci.”

Keep your eye on this talented, thoughtful, soft-spoken young man as he releases more of his music and eventually embarks on his Canadian tour. Follow his socials to keep up. Lastly, Forsey-Mackinnon offers some sagacious advice to young musicians, “Practice a lot, keep working at it, play live, write a lot and know that most of it at the start won’t be perfect. Through doing it you will find what you like.”

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