David Alexander

Mixed media artist

David Alexander

David Alexander is a painter in a variety of media, and he also creates sculptures.

David Alexander, Shalmeerhee, discovered the joy of painting at age 11 when his best friend’s father introduced him to landscape painting. David is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and the University of Toronto.

He has exhibited his work in many group and solo shows including: Patmos Gallery, Toronto; Alpha Gallery, Toronto; Mimico Centennial Library, Toronto; North American Black Historical Museum, Amherstburg, Belleville Public Library Gallery, Belleville, Muskoka Place Gallery, Muskoka; Expressions juried show, Belleville; ArtPlus, and Belleville as a long-time member of Gallery One-Twenty-One. Beyond Ontario, his work was seen at Scott-McKinnis Gallery, Richmond, Virginia; Artisans du Monde, Montreal, Quebec, and Edifice Belgo, Montreal Quebec.

David is primarily a painter working in egg tempera, oil, acrylic, charcoal and encaustic. He also creates sculptures from found objects and from clay. He changes medium when it suits his subject matter, theme, and mood. He has been teaching art since 1979.

David Alexander self-published his first novel, the science fiction Song of the Wayzender (Amazon/Kindle) in 2020. What began as a poem evolved into a 143-page book that Alexander sees as the first of a series (he has already started writing the follow-up). One of Alexander’s artworks is featured as the cover for the Kindle edition of his book. David was featured for his novel in the Fall 2021 Umbrella Magazine and then republished in the Belleville Intelligencer. Click here to read the full article. He has also written a children’s book titled ALPHIE BATES AND THE NUMBER NINE CLAN.

Featured Works
A Light In The Forest
Burning Leaf
Oat Field and Farmhouse
David Alexander Gallery Image
David Alexander Gallery Image