Janet Jarrell


Janet Jarrell

Writer, arts administration, educator

Janet Jarrell (she/her) is a dynamic arts administrator and seasoned educator with a rich background in various facets of the arts and business. Serving as the Executive Director of the Quinte Arts Council (QAC) since 2018, Janet brings a wealth of expertise in strategic planning, not-for-profit finance, and marketing to her role.

Beyond her administrative expertise, Janet is a published author with contributions spanning books, magazines, and poetry. Her extensive experience as an editor-in-chief enhances the success of the QAC’s notable Umbrella publication, a cornerstone program for the organization.

With over fifteen years dedicated to profiling local artists, crafting historical narratives, and fostering enduring relationships within the artistic, cultural, and heritage communities, Janet has established a strong network. This network proves instrumental in securing partnerships, sponsorships, and fostering community-building initiatives for the QAC.

Janet assumes the role of Co-Chair for the Alliance of Arts Councils of Ontario, where she actively cultivates a platform for resource sharing, partnerships, and collaborative efforts with Arts Service Organizations across the province.

In addition to her role at QAC, Janet serves as a community partner with the City of Belleville Economic and Destination Development Committee. Her commitment extends to academia, where she contributes as a part-time Professor at Loyalist College. Additionally, Janet has demonstrated her dedication to community growth through a five-year tenure as Chair of Options for Social Growth.

Janet is unwavering in her commitment to advancing the strategic vision of the Quinte Arts Council and ensuring that the arts remain a vital and thriving presence in the community. Her multifaceted contributions to education, community engagement, and arts advocacy underscore her dedication to the cultural vibrancy of the region.