Sandra Lee Randle

Sandra Lee Randle

Sandra Randle is a photographer based in Stirling. Her studio is open to the public and she also offers high quality custom picture framing at very reasonable prices.

Photography has been a long-held passion for Sandra. When she was younger, she used to spend a lot of time doing photography and working in her darkroom, but life got in the way and Sandra had to put it on the back burner for a number of years. In 2016, newly retired from the printing industry in Markham, she moved to Stirling, ON, to begin the next chapter of her life by doing the things that I’ve always wanted to do: photography and travelling.

Photography is an emotional outlet for Sandra; one that is constantly evolving as she discovers who she is and how she fits into the universe. Sandra feels connected to my surroundings when photographing landscapes and waterscapes, barns and farms, lighthouses, and other buildings and structures that are past their prime, as well as nature and wildlife.

Seeing her subject through a lens, in different lighting, from different angles and perspectives, and the challenge of capturing it with all the elements perfectly combined are what drives Sandra’s passion. In addition to photography and travelling, Sandra has a gallery of work at her home studio and on her website, and offers custom picture framing as well.

Mailing Address

159 Rosebush Road
Stirling ON
K0K 3E0

Featured Works
Storm on the Horizon
Yoho BC
Red Cliff, Newfoundland
L'Anise Amour Lighthouse
Grizzly Bear
Glade Creek Mill
Fox Kit, Marmora
Carbide Wilson Ruins
Sandra Lee Randle Gallery Image