Tina Osborne

Tina Osborne

I am a multi-media artist, and accessories designer that enjoys using a variety of mediums, subjects and surfaces.

Art work covers whatever catches my attention! Drawing, composition or abstraction and other creations serve to manifest my expressive, creative and conceptual intentions. Paintings can be naturalistic and representational, photographic, and/or abstract, sometimes with an intended narrative content, symbolism, and emotion or sometimes just for fun! I also like to paint works that can be displayed and enjoyed in outdoor places.

Accessory designs range from jewellery which incorporates semi precious stones, leather, wirework and metals, resin and glass. Surfaces could be canvas, wood, glass, silks and fiber or anything else that can hold colour, such as unique coaster, painted glass wear and silk scarves and wearables.

ARTIST STATEMENT: “Artistic creation for me is like extrasensory precognition, discerning intuitively how the various components will move, mix, react and interact. To create is like a partnership of give and take, sometimes intellectually, sometimes physically and sometimes on a wing and a prayer, opportunities of emotional, spiritual and intuitive release.

Featured Works
Hope Shines
Tree of Life
Wire-worked Serpentine
Jewellery From My Garden
Dragonfly Painting  and Designer Accessories
Painted Wire Glasses
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