Bill Bickle


Roslin, Ont.

Bill Bickle

Bill Bickle Photography

An interest in nature was formed early for Bill. Photography as a hobby came later. Now both come together to produce beautiful images as he captures birds, animals and flowers in their natural surroundings.

It is the love of nature’s flora and fauna that stimulates Bill’s extensive research into habitat and characteristics of his subjects. Armed with this knowledge he then commands patience most would not endure, waiting for the ultimate posture, lighting and, sometimes surprising interaction that results in some of his most outstanding photographs.

Bill’s ability to anticipate action before it happens allows him to capture images that, for many, would be halfway out of the frame. The crisp clarity of his work allows those who only witness nature from a distance to realize the beauty of his specimens up close and personally. Perhaps even encouraging us to take a closer look ourselves next time we encounter nature’s gifts.

It is this combination of creativity and camaraderie with nature that provides a calm and rewarding harbour for Bill. And it is his dedication in search of engaging images that will continue to provide us all with a view of nature we may not otherwise experience.

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