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QAC News: Plein Air Painting Festival just around the corner

May 16, 2019 — By Fiona Campbell Remember Bob Ross? The cherubic host of PBS hit “The Joy of Painting,” with his corona of auburn permed hair and a soothing sonorous voice that the New York Times called the “aural equivalent of Demerol”? Ross developed a near cult-like following between 1983 and 1994 as viewers tuned in to watch…
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Cultivating Creativity: Still hopping after all these years

May 10, 2019 — By Jeanette Arsenault Quick quiz: 1) Which Canadian orchestra is the longest running big band orchestra? 2) When did they form? 3) Where are they based? I knew The Commodores Orchestra was the longest running orchestra, having just celebrated its 90th year and that they are Quinte-based. What I didn’t know is that they hold…
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QAC News: Quinte Arts Council Announces Two New Staff

May 3, 2019 — Great things are happening at the Quinte Arts Council! Executive Director Janet Jarrell welcomes two new faces to the QAC: Fiona Campbell as Director of Communications & Outreach, and Adam Gray as Creative Director. Both are working artists — Campbell as a writer and editor, and Gray as a documentary filmmaker and arts event coordinator – and together…
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Cultivating Creativity: Punk and Zen come together in Kiss or Kill Time Show

April 26, 2019 — Kenny and Sanford first met in the schoolyard at St. Peter Catholic School in Trenton in the late 1970’s. Kenny was in grade five; Sanford was a few years behind. “He was always being bullied,” says Kenny. “He got kicked a lot.” Then Sanford discovered karate. He still got kicked in the schoolyard, but now…
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QAC News: Janet Jarrell appointed Executive Director

April 11, 2019 — By QAC Stafff After six months serving as general manager for the Quinte Arts Council, Janet Jarrell is now taking on the role of executive director. With previous experience as the volunteer coordinator and a brief time serving on the board, Janet hit the ground running last September, and the momentum hasn’t stopped. “As chair…
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