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Cracked Glass Design

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Cracked Glass Design

Glass artist Kathy Moores is a retired aircraft engineer who was with the Canadian Armed Forces for 25 years. Her business, Cracked Glass Design gives her the chance to create her own glassworks. 

Cracked Glass Design is a retail shop that offers private lessons, studio time, kiln rentals and workshops. They offer everything from beginner level classes to advanced level workshops where they utilize the copper foil method and lead cane. They can also repair and clean your glass pieces. 

Kathy has a passion for fused glass because it can be functional but incredibly artistic. It allows the artist to more readily build the glass into sculptures. It doesn’t require soldering but instead uses a kiln to forge the piece together. Sometimes fused glass requires multiple turns through a kiln, making each piece a true labor of love. 

To see more of their work check out crackedglassdesign on Facebook and Instagram or their website:

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