Artist Spotlight

Julie Stephens

Visual Artist

Julie Stephens

Julie Stephens is a graphic designer, illustrator and animator who specializes in photo realism portrait drawing. She grew up in the country where her love of art began and where she was drawn toward wildlife imagery. 

Julie has received many awards and prizes for her talent. She was selected as a Teletoon Animation Scholarship recipient as well as winning the Rideau Lakes Art Bursary. She placed first in the World Art Day Contest in May of this year.

Julie has had an almost lifelong struggle with arthritis but she doesn’t let this get the best of her. Drawing and painting help to relieve the stress and anxiety that comes from living with a chronic illness. She encourages everyone to not let any condition stop you from doing what you love. 

Julie lives and works in Trenton Ontario, with her husband Bill, and their pets, Noelle, Sicily and Beau.

You can see more of her work on Instagram at juliestephensart

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