Belleville International

Belleville International

Bridging The Gap For International Students / New comers & Community in Belleville and surroundings.

Belleville International is a non-profit organization established in 2018 by Hardik Patel, a dedicated entrepreneur with the experiences of how hard it can be to navigate his way around in a new culture, a new place and a new area so he decided with the mission in mind to dedicate his time to assisting our community members, including international and domestic students on the “how to” navigate their lives around Belleville and surrounding areas with ease.

Belleville International is all about providing awareness and understanding of diverse cultures through cultural events and activities alongside with easy local shopping needs with businesses that share the passion to bringing awareness to Belleville and surrounding areas. We believe awareness and understanding of diverse cultures are important fundamentals to building a vibrant community environment for both locals and newcomers to our area while helping our local economic growth.

We are sure you’re asking how does diverse culture awareness and understanding help our economic growth? Let us explain, by providing all our community members with general information regarding jobs, banking, housing, local shops, eateries, events, activities and other important local festivities.