Candice Rose Gunter

Candice Rose Gunter

Candice Rose Gunter’s figurative sculptural work crosses through abstract and representation, primarily in clay and glass.

Candice Rose Gunter is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, and holds a Master of Visual Arts Degree from the University of Sydney, Australia. Candice has garnered several awards, with private, public and corporate collections in Canada, Australia, Denmark and USA.

She shares her perspective that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience, living in a body for a period of time. She stands curious before the world, consciously watching, scouting and witnessing connections and relationships ~ our effects on one another.

In her practice, she thinks of our bodies as vessels containing space, a volume to hold, to fill, or to empty ~ containers of motion, emotions and muscles of memory. Fuelled by the investigation of her surroundings, and her pursuit of this connection to “other” she incorporates her impressions of nature.  She is blending these impressions, like layers of fingerprints that our world puts upon us, and us upon the world we build for ourselves.

Candice uses various hand building techniques to create her works of clay that are then fired multiple times in a kiln, or she creates moulds from them to transform into cast glass, or bronze works.  These works are then often carved or engraved upon with additional imagery.

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