Iryna Z Molodecky

Multidisciplinary artist

Iryna Z Molodecky

Artist. Designer. Visual Facilitator. Creative Thinker. Iryna works with visuals to unleash creativity in herself and others.

With a career of over 25 years in advertising, graphic design, illustration, and visual facilitation, and 13 years as a professor of Advertising and Creative Thinking, Iryna brings to her art a wealth of skills and knowledge in creativity and visual process work.  Iryna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Masters Degree in Creative Studies,  a Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership, and a Certificate in Visual Facilitation. A published author and an active member of the International Visual Literacy Association and the International Forum of Visual Practitioners,  Iryna is a sought-after speaker at conferences and a facilitator of creativity workshops. She is passionate about making a meaningful difference with her art.

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Iryna Molodecky
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